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Practice Areas
Duan & Duan is a full service law firm providing a range of legal services to all sectors involving foreign interests. With many years of experience we have successfully advocated numerous cases involving a wide range of legal issues all across China. 
Our firm carries with a successful history litigating complex commercial and international legal actions dealing with cross-border issues. Our areas of expertise range from Trade and Shareholder Disputes to Intellectual Property (IP) Issues.
Business and Personal 
In addition to corporate related legal matters, Duan & Duan provides a full range of legal services for all business types and personal legal needs.  Our firm supports foreign entrepreneurs by facilitating the establishment and operation of businesses in China. In particular, the firm aids in obtaining Chinese business licenses, advocating within the Chinese legal system, drafting legal documents, and providing other necessary business and personal legal services.
Specialized Areas of Practice
Establishing/Conducting Foreign Owned Enterprises 
Commercial Contracts
Trade Disputes
Court Judgment and Arbitration Award Enforcement
Cross-Border IP Issues
Real Property
Personal Legal Issues
General Legal Litigation
Company Directors and Shareholder Disputes
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mortgages and Security Documents

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